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Collectively Carrying the Message of Recovery to All who show Willingness to receive this Gift

2121 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 // (513) 200-3452 // info@gcrrc.org  

GCRRC Members & Membership Criteria

Serenity House       http://www.SerenityRecovery.Net/
508 Elberon, Cincinnati, OH 45202  

Prospect House      http://www.prospect-house.org/
682 Hawthorne Av, Cincinnati, OH 45205  

Charlie's 3/4 House  http://www.charlies3-4.org/
2121 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202  
513-784- 1853 

Sober Living            http://www.soberlivingohio.com/
4027 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45229 

This is a financially equal partnership with our collective ability to assist addicts/alcoholics find and maintain life-long recovery as our primary focus. As founding agencies we plan to further establish the guidelines, increase our resources, and welcome other appropriate agencies into the collaborative, and to collectively and without competition, acquire necessary and needed funding through any and all sources to assist the collaborative to carry out our primary purpose in carrying the message of recovery to all addicts and alcoholics who show the willingness to receive this gift.

All GCRRC Members Will:

  1. Be 12-step faith-based with no religious preference.

  2. Be 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt.

  3. Have liability and Board of Directors insurance.

  4. Have structure and accountability in writing including policies, procedures, and guidelines for residents. This includes legal accountability I.E. zoning & capacity ordinances.

  5. Keep chart records of residents to document history and progress. These charts do not constitute the delivery of any professional services given by the agency of residency. This is basic documentation & needs to be done at least monthly.

  6. Be willing to track and comprise statistics of residents for funding and demographic purposes.

  7. Provide drug urinalysis either random or base on suspicion.

  8. Have an established curfew and a sign out and in policy.

  9. Require attendance at and documentation of 12-step meetings with fellow house members.