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Collectively Carrying the Message of Recovery to All who show Willingness to receive this Gift

2121 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 // (513) 200-3452 // info@gcrrc.org  

Goals and Objectives

Goal – To collaborate as a group to obtain agreed upon supportive resources for the residents in each facility and to assist each facility in acquiring the cost effective means of accomplishing this goal.

Goal – To collectively and without competition, acquire necessary and needed funding through any and all sources to assist the collaborative to carry out our primary purpose in carrying the message of recovery to all addicts and alcoholics who show the willingness to receive this gift.

Objectives – To enhance the recovery success chances of all our residents including but not limited to the following:
* Job services helping our people get full-time employment eventually with benefits, including felons.
* Ability to acquire state driver’s license and/or an automobile if possible.
* Attain a GED and/or improve reading skills when needed, as well as, return to school for advanced studies.
* Coordinate with legal systems to foster positive outcomes when possible.
* Ascertain safe affordable long-term housing upon successful completion.
* Organize donation center with appropriate storage for clothing & furniture
* Assist with appropriate family reunification when feasible.
* Assist with nicotine & caffeine reduction and/or cessation, when requested
* Make arrangement for residents to receive needed medical & dental care, working with local clinics, hospitals, and other providers.
* Assist with financial and/or outstanding debt reduction especially in regard to child support and ability, for example, to utilize Consolidated Consumer Credit as needed.
*  Helping veterans upgrade discharge status.
* Assist each resident with the guidance necessary to establish an appropriate spiritual support system of their choice.

We are hoping to create a "circuit rider" case manager and assistant who can move in between all the member agencies, helping our residents solve their daily practical living problems, find employment, and find permanent housing as they learn to adjust to the norms and values of society.