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Collectively Carrying the Message of Recovery to All Who Show Willingness to Receive This Gift

2121 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 // (513) 399-7794 // greatercincinnatirecovery@gmail.com  


Thank you for your interest in the Greater Cincinnati Recovery Resource Collaborative. We are a collective autonomous group of non-profit 501(c)(3) housing programs in the Cincinnati area whose focus is spiritual, as well as, material, and is based on the 12-steps & 12-traditions. We mean to assist men & women to achieve the highest level of life recovery from the disease of addiction/alcoholism at the lowest possible cost to the individual, the family and the community.

We collaborate as a group to obtain agreed upon supportive resources for the residents in each facility and to assist each facility in acquiring the cost effective means of accomplishing this goal.

We hope to enhance the recovery success chances of all our residents. To collectively and without competition, acquire necessary and needed funding through any and all sources to assist the collaborative to carry out our primary purpose in carrying the message of recovery to all addicts/ alcoholic. We collectively have over fifty years of program operation and well over a hundred years of personnel experience.

The Greater Cincinnati Recovery Resource Collaborative collectively has over two hundred bed spaces for addicts/alcoholics who are seeking a save haven in a recovery support foundation. We anticipate that we will grow as a collaborative to include other 12 Step based programs already established in the Cincinnati Area, and to continue to duplicate more programs to meet the overwhelming need.

To learn more about us you may visit the other links on this site, and we invite you to contact us directly via the information above. This site will grow as we develop resources to offer. Please check back over time to see what is new and to offer suggestions!